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If you’re feeling sluggish, confused, fatigued, or irritable, you could be suffering from dehydration and nutrient deficiencies. This unpleasant condition is most commonly brought on by heavy travel, a night of prolonged drinking, or strain placed on your body from pregnancy or surgery. Luckily, IV therapy at A Healthy You can quickly soothe and replenish your body in these times of crisis, and can even give you a boost when you’re just feeling a little under the weather. You can schedule IV therapy today with Barbara Lynne Gray, MD, in Austin, Texas, by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool.

IV Therapy Q & A

IV Therapy is a service we will be providing to our patients soon. If you have any questions or are looking for a specific type of IV Therapy, please give us a call and we'll be happy to provide you with more information. 


What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is simply the use of an intravenous drip (IV) to provide you with a boost of nutrients and hydration, a common procedure in hospitals for decades. In recent years, people have turned more and more to IV therapy to alleviate all kinds of unpleasant conditions, even when they’re not quite enough to send you to the emergency room.

What should I expect when receiving IV therapy?

IV therapy takes 45 minutes to an hour, and shouldn’t require any downtime afterward, so you can schedule it when most convenient for you. On your first visit, you’ll answer a few questions about your general health before getting started.

Dr. Gray will attach the IV, and apart from the brief prick of the needle, the procedure will be painless. You should begin to feel the results of the IV almost immediately, with optimal results in about an hour. After the IV drip is finished, you’ll be ready to go about your day.

How can IV therapy help me?

You might not realize how many conditions and symptoms can be caused by inadequate hydration or nutrient deficiencies. Some of the most common reasons people turn to IV therapy for help replenishing their body are:


Combining the dehydrating effects of alcohol with the lack of sleep that usually accompanies it creates a cocktail that is likely to leave you with a nasty headache and nausea. IV therapy can quickly treat your dehydration and help you get back on your feet.


Pregnancy can be hard work, and it only gets harder when vomiting and constant strain on your body make you feel exhausted and drained. The gentle mix of vitamins and minerals in an IV drip is safe for expectant mothers and will give you the boost you need to get through the challenges pregnancy can throw at you.

Jet Lag

Your body’s internal clock can become extremely confused when you travel across time zones, and if you’re not careful you might spend your whole trip feeling sluggish and flustered. Add in the dry air in a pressurized cabin, not to mention whatever contagions other passengers bring on board, and you have a mix that could ruin your vacation or business trip. With the boost that you and your immune system get from an IV therapy session, you can reverse these effects and get the most out of your travel.


Many people who have had major procedures, like bariatric surgery, have a hard time getting the nutrients they need through diet alone. IV therapy offers an alternative to forcing food on yourself while you recover.


IV therapy isn’t just helpful for globe-trotting partiers and young mothers; it can give a boost to just about anyone. Dedicated athletes often notice a performance boost when they receive IV treatment pre- and post-workout, and it can be used to enhance a detox, fight off the first symptoms of a cold, or just to give a boost of energy when you’re feeling sluggish.

If you’re interested in a boost from IV therapy, call A Healthy You today or set up an appointment with the online scheduling tool.