Membership Club


Membership Benefits

  • More attention and focus from your doctor. Your doctor will provide ongoing support and involvement across all of your health concerns and issues
  • Deeper collaboration with your doctor - within and between appointments - to help you build and follow a comprehensive plan for healthy living
  • Direct contact with your doctor - connect easily via phone, email, in person, or text (your choice)
  • Affordable fees. Membership fees are designed to accommodate individuals, couples and families
  • Peace of mind. A strong relationship with your doctor helps you lead your healthiest life possible

Membership Services

  • Same day or next day appointments. You can easily and quickly schedule a visit to your doctor
  • Ongoing involvement and advocacy. Your doctor can go to extraordinary lengths to support and assist you throughout your entire health journey, including referrals and visits with specialists, ordering and reviewing test results, evaluating alternative treatment options, assisting with hospital admissions, and more
  • Interactive, secure patient-doctor communications via secure email
  • Custom wellness programs to help you live your healthiest life possible
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